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Hey everyone! Prom is coming soon and today I partnered up with the online store yoins.com to share with you more inexpensive options and ideas for prom dresses. Yoins sells a variety of different clothing items online, ranging from various fashion tops online to gorgeous sexy dresses for women
I am going to share with you my top 6 favorite dresses from their website. Hopefully you are able to find some inspiration for the style of prom dress that you want to buy! Many of these dresses could also be worn for formals or any type of fancier occasion. Check out my last prom related post if you want to see more ideas for dress options!

Green floral dress | White floral dress | Maroon v-neck dress | Red chiffon dress | Gold chiffon dress | Pink cold shoulder dress

I love the floral trend of prom dresses because it makes the dress more versatile for other occasions. I also really like the look of simple and elegant dresses too! Lastly, the trend of goddess looking dresses is stunning, especially on tanner skin. Overall, I think my favorite of these dresses is the white floral one, because it looks very bohemian and flowy and can definitely be worn to prom or to any fancy gathering!

I hope you enjoy this post and find inspiration for your prom dress!

Prom Dress Ideas and Trends for 2018

Hi everyone! Long time no chat. I took a bit of a hiatus from my blog but now I am back and better than ever. 

Prom season has begun and today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite prom dress trends and styles. A lot of people at my school are already starting to look for dresses! It's important to buy them early so that you have many options to choose from and have plenty of time to make any alterations or adjustments if needed. 

Floral Prints
It is very fashionable for prom dresses to be more casual and fun! That's why I love the trend of floral print prom dresses. They are perfect for the spring and summer, and they make the dress stand out. What's great about floral print dresses is that they can be worn for many different occasions. That way, if you buy an expensive dress, you can keep on wearing it after prom.

Asymmetrical Hems
Asymmetrical hems on dresses are very striking and show off a little glimpse of skin. They also make your legs look longer and give your legs some breathing room, which is nice when you're dancing in a hot and cramped dance room.

Colorful prom dresses are a lot of fun. Picking colors that look great on your skin tone will make you stand out from the rest of your group and make you look stunning in pictures. Certain colors look best on specific skin tones, so make sure to try on different dresses and compare colors in order to find what best suits your skin tone. 

Short Slip
Another trend is having a dress with a short slip underneath and a long skirt overlay that is see-through. Normally, the skirt overlay is either mesh or lace. This is another way to show off your legs while also wearing a sophisticated long dress. These types of dresses will also make you look taller!

Lastly, ruffles are another prom trend. They especially work nicely on a body shape that is more straight, as the ruffles add dimension and curves. 

I hope this post gave you inspiration for the type of dress you want to wear for prom! 

Thanks for reading :)

3 Valentine's Day Outfit, Hair & Makeup Looks

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share some looks with you that are perfect for any type of plans for Valentine's Day. Whether you're going on a date or hanging out with your friends, these looks will be perfect! I hope you enjoy!

Look 1
Valentines day look 1
This outfit is perfect if you are going to a dance or a fancy dinner. The baby pink color is very girly and looks very sweet with pearl earrings. Brown eyeshadow and a glowy face will look very nice also with this outfit.

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Look 2
Valentines day look 2
This outfit incorporates peachier tones. You can dress the outfit up or down according to your plans. I think a highlighted face with nude eyeshadow would pair nicely with the outfit. You can do a winged eyeliner and wear a nude matte lipstick to draw the attention to your eyes.

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Look 3
Valentines day look 3
This outfit is perfect if you are having a girls night out or celebrating Galentine's Day. This outfit promotes girl power and looks really cute! I also think a red lip or red nails would add a fierceness to the look!

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Thanks for reading :)

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