Animal Cruelty Free Face Mask Review ♡

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Hey guys! I used this facial mask the other day wanted to do a review of it. It's the Andalou Naturals Instant Hydration Soothing Facial Mask in the scent Roses. I also have a facial moisturizer from this brand and really like it! I've been trying to test out animal cruelty free brands lately and discovered this one! Andalou Naturals doesn't test their products on animals and also does not use genetically modified organisms in their products. 

I first washed my face using my morning burst facial cleanser so that I had a fresh, clean face. Then I peel off the facial sheet mask, line it up with my face and apply it directly to my face. I left it on for 20 minutes and then peeled it off. There was still a lot of product on my face but I didn't wipe it off. Instead I let it sink into my face so my skin could absorb more of the product. 

I loved this mask because it smelled great and made my skin look flawless after! My face was glowing and looked extremely healthy. My skin was smooth and felt rejuvenated. I definitely recommend this mask to anyone who needs a little skin boost. 

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Urban Outfitters Long Weekend Sale ♡

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Hello everyone! I have another fashion sale collage of my top picks! Urban Outfitters is having a long weekend sale where they are doing 25% most of there sales items. I picked out my top 20 clothing items on sale that I think are super cute for the Summer. I love their rompers and dresses but they are usually extremely expensive. You should stock up on them over the Memorial Day weekend since they're on sale! Also check out my Forever 21 sale post to find my top picks under $20 at Forever 21.

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Forever 21 Memorial Weekend Sale ♡

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Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend so far! I had a teacher work day on Friday so I get to have a 4 day weekend. Forever 21 is having a Memorial Weekend sale of an extra 30% off sale items with the code EXTRA 30. They already have a summer sale going on now with discounts up to 75% off. I also got  an email from them for free shipping with no minimum with the code VIPFS through May 28, 2016. Make sure to hurry and buy some cute summery clothes! I picked out a few of my favorite sale items from Forever 21 that are all under $20! Hope you all have a great weekend 

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine :)

Ulta Beauty Mini Haul + Review ♡

Hi all! I got a blending set and some eyeshadow applicators from Ulta Beauty from my Aunt for my birthday last month. I also got a giftcard from her and bought a few things from Ulta myself! I decided to purchase the Covergirl nudes eyeshadow palette, as well as a new Maybelline mascara. Keep reading for a review of everything I got from Ulta.

Covergirl Eyeshadows- I got the Covergirl nudes palette, which has a wide variety of eyeshadows. It includes matte and shimmer shades and goes great with a lot of skin colors. I think this palette is perfect for an everyday look, because it has a lot of neutral browns. The shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend out to create a natural look. I wore this on my eyes to school and found that the shadows lasted all day and looked great, even without an eyeshadow primer.

Blending set- The blending set came with a brush and a sponge. The bristles of the makeup brush are super soft and feel nice on the skin. I like using the brush to blend out my bronzer anything else on my face to create a more natural look. It's also a good brush to use with powders. I LOVE the makeup sponge! It looks exactly like the BeautyBlender, but isn't $20! It comes is a set with the makeup brush for only $10! This sponge works just as well as the BeautyBlender for a fraction of the price. I first dampen it with water and it expands and becomes very squishy. Then I use it to apply either concealer or foundation. It blends my foundation into my skin flawlessly and makes applying makeup so much easier! I recommend anyone who doesn't want to pay $20 for a BeautyBlender to buy this sponge for half the price!

Maybelline Mascara- I was starting to run out of my mascara (Benefit They're Real) and decided to try a new one. I did get a few extra days out of my Benefit mascara by adding saline drops into the tube, which made it last longer. I bought the Maybelline Colossal Rocket Volume Express waterproof mascara. I always buy the waterproof version of mascara, because it is pretty hot where I live so my makeup tends to smudge off under my eyes. This mascara adds a lot of volume and I pair it with my Avon lengthening mascara. I like this mascara, however it find it to be a very wet formula. It doesn't dry very fast so it is very easy to smear on your eyelids right after applying. Other than this, I really like how the mascara applies and looks.

Eyeshadow applicators- I usually don't use eyeshadow applicators, and instead use makeup brushes. I am however going to try these for my eyeshadow and compare them to my makeup brushes.

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine :)

Cute Shorts Under $50 ♡

I picked 12 pairs of super cute shorts that are all under $50! I tried to find shorts that were on the less expensive side, because no one wants to break their bank when Summer starts. These shorts aren't your basic denim shorts- they are more fun and bright and are perfect for the Summer. There are different pairs for every occasion, and will be great to wear when it gets sunny out.


I think all of these shorts are extremely adorable and affordable! Tassels, pom poms and high waisted shorts are in style this season. I really like when shorts are bright or have fun patterns on them. You ca just pair them with a basic plain shirt, and you already have a cute outfit.

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Life Update: Getting My License + AP Testing ♡

I left school early on Wednesday and took my provisional license test! I passed thankfully and will be getting my plastic license mailed to me in a few days. I took my AP Human Geography exam today and after, my friends and I went to an outlet mall and went shopping. Then, I drove with another friend to Rico's Acai, which is a food truck downtown that sells fruit bowls. Here is a picture of the fruit bowls that my friend and I got! We both got the rainbow bowl, except my friend added nutella to hers. The fruit was super fresh and served as a very yummy snack ♡

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine :)

Day 1: ICDC DECA Competition + Exploring Nashville, TN ♡

April 22, 2016

Since I was a finalist at the DECA State competition, I qualified to go to Internationals. This year Internationals took place in Nashville, Tennessee (Anaheim, CA is next year!!!). One of the reasons I really enjoyed Nashville was because of the culture! Downtown Nashville had so many cool shops and fun restaurants with live music. I had a really fun time in Nashville and decided to do a travel journal, like when I went to London over Winter break. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a picture of my friend and I riding the bus to Nashville. It usually takes about 6 1/2 hours in a car, but we rode a charter bus so it took about 9 hours. We left at about 8:30 a.m. EST and arrived at our hotel around 4:30 CT. There is a time change from North Carolina to Tennessee, so when we got to Nashville, our clocks went back one hour. I did some homework on the bus, including reading, annotating and colormarking The Tempest for English class. I also just listened to music and relaxed. We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks and for lunch at Breugger's Bagels. 

The North Carolina and Colorado schools all stayed at the Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt, which was extremely close to Vanderbilt University. My room was on the opposite side of the campus, so our view was of the park instead. You can see the Parthenon in the back left corner of this picture. It was a gorgeous view, and we also had a balcony to look out on.

Since we arrived later than expected in Nashville, we just walked around our hotel a little bit instead of going to downtown on the first night. This is a picture of my friend and I getting dressed up for dinner. We wanted to get dressed up tonight and go to a fancy dinner with the rest of our roommates.

Here is another picture with a friend getting ready!

Concealer- Maybelline
Foundation- Body Shop
Foundation- Rimmel
Highlighter- Bobbi Brown
Highlighter- NYX
Eyeliner- Essence
Mascara- Avon
Mascara- Benefit
Eyelash Curler- Revlon
Eyebrow Powder- Estee Lauder
Lip Pencil- Nars

My Outfit
Sunglasses- Nordstrom BP
Dress- Glam
Wallet- Carolina Girls
Sandals- Franco Sarto

Of course we had to have a photoshoot in the park, while we were all dressed nicely! One of our friends took the camera and snapped a bunch of great shots of us exploring the park.

Here's a picture of us on the steps of the Parthenon. 

Here's a great picture of the Parthenon!

We had planned on going to Maggiano's for dinner, but it was a far walk. Instead, we decided to find a nice restaurant near the hotel. We ended up going to a place called J. Alexander's, which was a very fancy restaurant. My friends and I sat in a quiet booth in a corner and talked while eating. For dessert we split this chocolate fudge lava cake, which was extremely good! The four of us finished the cake in about 30 seconds! 

After dinner we went back to the park and walked around by the pretty lights. Then we went back to the hotel hotel and hung out with other kids from our school and North Carolina.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine :)

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