Life Update: Acai Bowls, Hanging out at a Park, New Haircut + More ♡

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hey guys! These past few weeks have been super busy. I haven't done a life update blog post in a long time, so I thought it was a good time to do one. I got my first summer job a few weeks ago at a women's resale clothing store. I love working there because the store is always super busy so I am never bored. It's also like I can shop while I'm working. Whenever the employees see something we like, we can put it in the back and buy it later on an employee discount. Last Thursday, June 16 I had the day off, so my friend and I decided to get acai bowls. We went to a food truck called Rico's Acai, which is located downtown. I got the rainbow bowl, and I love how it's aesthetically pleasing and also yummy. It's also super healthy and the fruit is always fresh and tasty. 

After we got our acai bowls, we drove to Romare Bearden Park. We found a parking spot right near the park, but we had to parallel park. Unfortunately, neither my friend nor I knew how to parallel park so parking proved to be pretty tricky. What made matters worse was that we were parking right on a busy street. My friend was driving and she ended up backing in and out of the space about 50 times and wasn't really moving positions much at all. At one point I even got out of the car and tried to direct her into the space. We finally got into the space (10 minutes later). We brought my two dogs with us to the park which became a hassle because they kept pulling the leashes and barking at everyone. Above is a picture of my dog Robin.  

This turned out to be one hilarious outing. My other dog, Ollie decided to pee on my friend's Birkenstock shoes right as we sat down on our blanket at the park. 

Here is a picture of Ollie looking guilty for peeing in her shoes.

I ended up finishing my acai bowl. My friend's bowl melted a little bit and she decided not to finish it. Two dogs were walking past us and my dogs went berserk. Robin tried to run towards the other dogs and ended up knocking over my friend's acai bowl all over my blanket. The food also went all over my friend's phone, car keys and sunglasses. 

It was definitely an interesting experience going to the park with my dogs, and I have come to the conclusion that I will not be taking my dogs anywhere public anytime soon.  

List of things that got ruined by my dogs
-Birkenstocks (friend's)
-Blanket (mine)
-Car Keys (friend's)
-Sunglasses (friend's)
-Phone (friend's)

Overall, more of my friend's things got ruined than mine. We were able to clean everything which was lucky!

We also decided to bake cookies. This turned out to be sort of a disaster. We didn't have all of the ingredients and then the cookie dough we made ended up being way too powdery. The recipe we found didn't include any liquids other than butter and eggs. We added a few tablespoons of water to make it stick together. We also made the cookie dough balls too big so it took forever to bake. The outsides got extremely hard but the insides weren't ready to be taken out of the oven. The cookie turned out to be pretty good, except for the fact that you had to bit super hard on the outside. 

Shop my outfit ♡

Sunglasses // Nordstrom BP
Earrings // Macy's
Romper // Madewell
Nail Polish // Essie
Shoes // Franco Sarto

I also got a haircut last Monday on June 13. I got about 4 inches cut off and my hair felt extremely lightweight after. Since I have layers in my hair, the pieces of hair by my face are shorter and the pieces in the back are longer. I usually don't like when I get a haircut because I like when my hair is really long. I do like my hair at this length though, because it doesn't get as tangly and frizzy.

Thanks for reading!

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