The Top 10 Highlights of My Summer | 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer break is officially over for me, and today was the first day back to school. I am a junior in high school, and it feels like summer went by soo fast! I honestly wouldn't have remembered to wake up for school today if it wasn't for my trusty planner and my annoying alarm clock. Today I am going to be sharing with you a recap of my summer break. I was super busy this summer with working, but also found time for myself.

I worked at a resale clothing store this summer, and it was my first job- besides babysitting and house sitting. I've wanted a real job for a long time, because in the summer I'm always extremely bored and just sitting around the house all day when I have nothing to do. I really like being busy and having a purpose for my day. Working really got me out of my bed and pajamas. I'm still working as a sales associate at this store, and will try to balance school with my part time job. 

Another one of my favorite things this summer was volunteering at Camp Invention at an elementary school near my house. Camp Invention is a camp all about thinking and learning. I worked mostly with the 2nd-3rd graders and I absolutely loved it! The kids were so sweet and the counselors all got to think of fun activities and games for the kids. I volunteered as a camp counselor for a week and was sad when the camp ended. I hope I have time to volunteer next year with these kids!

I really enjoyed watching the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople! If you are looking for something super funny to watch, then definitely go watch this! You will definitely have more than a few laughs.

This summer I have tried to blog more. I got to work with my first company at the beginning of the summer which was super cool! It was such a great experience! I have also tried to better my photography and editing skills!

Practicing yoga was another highlight of my summer break. I practice with my mom and her friend, who is a yoga instructor. I also watch videos on YouTube and practice by myself in my room. I like to watch Yoga with Adrienne, because she's really great at guiding you through the poses with her voice. I hate when I have to keep looking over at my screen to see what the instructor is doing. I took a yoga class at a studio near me as well, which I also found very rejuvenating and awakening. Stretching is so great for you, and I think that yoga is great not only for the body, but also for the mind.

Since I got my license in May, I got to drive by myself this summer. I got to hang out with a lot of my friends which was super fun. We went to the pool and went shopping a lot (there really isn't much else to do where I live).

A small highlight was reading the Mortal Instruments book series. I love these kinds of books that take you into a whole new world where the unimaginable is real!

I watched Grey's Anatomy this summer as well, which I would definitely classify as a highlight. I have watched all the seasons on Netflix, and I'm waiting for the next season to come out on Netflix. I'm watching the sister show called Private Practice, which is all about Addison Montgomery instead of Meredith Grey.

I also went to the beach for a week near the end of the summer. You can read more about my beach vacation here. My family and I stayed at Caswell Beach on Oak Island. It's super close to a bunch of other beaches in North Carolina. The beach trip was a super relaxing way to end my summer!

A week ago, I went to the Gay Pride Parade in Charlotte. I marched with the Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety Group. The parade was packed which was so awesome! There were a lot of other organizations supporting their causes and the parade lasted a few hours. There were some really cool floats, and I also saw my first drag queen!

Thanks for reading!

Thea :)

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