4 Outfits for 4th of July ♡

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Hey guys! I’ve put together a few different looks that are fourth of July themed! I tried to incorporate a lot of red, white and blue (colors of the American flag if you didn’t already know) and a lot of stars and stripes into the outfits. Whether you’re out with your friends watching fireworks or going to a neighborhood barbecue, these looks will have you covered. I hope you guys find some inspiration from these looks when you are putting together your own outfits! Do you guys have any fun plans for 4th of July? If so, comment them down below! 

Look 1
fourth of july outfit

I think this outfit is super cute and laid back. I think it would be perfect for watching fireworks in at night or going to a family barbecue. The off the shoulder white shirt also makes this outfit look more bohemian. I love the trend of tie up sandals and I think these ones would be super cute! They are also very versatile and could be dressed up or down.

Look 2
fourth of july outfit 2
Hat / jean jacket / dress / earrings / lipstick / shoes / nail polish / bag

I think this outfit looks super comfortable and effortless. This dress is super flowy and seems very soft. I think adding the jean jacket to this dress makes the outfit more casual and cool. I also love the look of red lips for fourth of July! It's very bold and matches the theme of red, white and blue.

Look 3
fourth of july outfit 3
Shirt / necklace / bag / jeans / watch / blue and silver bracelet / red bracelet / blue bead bracelet / wallet / key chain / shoes

This look is more fancy and chic. It would be perfect for a more fancy brunch, lunch or dinner. This might be one of my favorite looks in this post, because I think the off the shoulder denim top trend is so cute!!! The silver hardware and jewelry dresses this outfit up and looks great with red and blue. It also reminds me of silver stars!

Look 4
fourth of july outfit 4

Now this outfit is hardcore patriotic. It's like the American flag just hits you in the face. There is so much going on with this look and it would look crazy if you wore it any other day except fourth of July. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Super cute! Look #3 is my fave :-)


    1. Thanks! I really like that look too!

  2. You have great fashion sense! I need help, haha. I got none.

    1. Haha thank you so much! I always scroll through Pinterest when I need fashion ideas :)


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