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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hey friends! I'm going to the beach tomorrow for a week, so I thought it would be appropriate to share my beach essentials. I'm also going to share the things that I think you should  to pack in your suitcase for a summer beach trip. I hope you guys find this post useful :) Also click here to check out a similar post I wrote about spring break essentials for the beach.

summer beach essentials
Detangling hair brush | sunscreen | dry shampoo | suitcase | maxi dress | playing cards | sunglass strap (different color) | bikini | hat | striped dress | sandals | camera | earbuds | tote bag | water bottle | towel | sunglasses (different color) | makeup bag | book | mascara | phone case | hair ties | sports bra | shirt | shorts | sneakers | flip flops

Hairbrush/ Hair ties
Both are definitely essentials! You should definitely have a hairbrush in your beach tote bag, in case your hair gets tangled while swimming in the ocean. You should also always carry around hair ties with you, because if you're like me they will just disappear.
Here are some of my favorite hairbrushes for detangling and smoothing my hair:
-Tangle Teezer //
-Wet Brush //
-Conair //
Here are hair ties that I really like:
-Ribband //

This is pretty obvious. Sunscreen is very important if you want to keep your skin protected, which I'm pretty sure everyone wants to do.
-Sun Bum //
-Banana Boat //

Dry Shampoo
Your hair can get pretty hot, smelly and gross in the beach humidity. You should bring a bottle of dry shampoo to spritz in your hair when it gets greasy.
-Drybar //

Well duh... if you're packing your suitcase you need to have a suitcase. I like these ones listed down below because they are super cute and roomy!
-River Island //
-Tommy Hilfiger //
-Northfield //

I love wearing dresses around when I'm on vacation. The dress serves as your whole outfit, which saves room in your suitcase. They are also a lot cooler than wearing pants and a shirt.
-C&A Yessica //
-John Lewis //
-Urban Outfitters //

Every time I go on vacation I always end up wanting to play cards. I always end up having to buy new cards, so now I've probably got 10 packs sitting in a shelf in my room. I think cards are great things to pack when going on vacation, because you can play fun games with them when you're bored.
-Bicycle //

Sunglasses/ Sunglass strap
I love wearing sunglasses, not just at the beach but whenever it's sunny outside. Click here to check out my post on inexpensive vs. exensive sunglass dupes. Sunglass straps or croakies are also nice to have so you don't lose your sunglasses. They very conveniently hang around your neck.
Here are some cute sunglasses:
-Betsey Johnson //
-Quay //
Here are some cute sunglass straps:
-Kate Spade //
-Lilly Pulitzer //

I absolutely love shopping for and wearing bikinis at the beach. You can find really cool and unique ones out there. There are a bunch of different styles that work great for different body shapes. Click here to read my post on bikini and swimwear trends. Here are some of my favorites:
-VipMe //
-Frankies //
-Bikini Lab //

Hats will protect your face from the sun. They are also something cute to add when you hair is a mess- shhh... no one will know.
-Chic Nova //
-Robert Graham //

I think that shoes can totally change an outfit and add a bit of fun to it. I think flip flops, sneakers and wedges are must haves when going to the beach.
Flip flops:
-Havaianas //
-BP //
-New Balance //
-Dorothy Perkins //

Camera/ Case
Did you really go to the beach if you didn't post a picture on Instagram or at least take some pics?? You can bring a regular camera to the beach or a cute polaroid to take those beachy pics. You can also just use your phone- iPhones actually take amazing pictures. If you do bring your phone with you while your at the beach, you should have a waterproof case on it so it won't get wet from your fingers or the ocean.
-Fujifilm //
-Apple //
-LifeProof //

Jam out to your fave Spotify playlist with some earbuds!
-Happy Plugs //

Tote Bag
You definitely need a tote bag or some sort of bag for the beach to carry your towel, sunscreen and other essentials. I really like this one:
-Very Straw //

Water Bottle
Stay hydrated with a cute water bottle! I tend to drink more water when I have a cute and fun water bottle.
-S'well //

Lay out in the sun and catch up on a good book with these towels:
-Hunkemoller //
-Gilt //
-Gilt //

Makeup Bag/ Makeup
I think having a waterproof bag that you can put your makeup, cash and phone in is a great idea. That way, you can keep your stuff safe from pool or ocean water. I also think waterproof mascara is essential!
-New Chic //
-Maybelline // (my all time fave waterproof mascara!!!)

Catch up on your reading for school or for fun! Here are some of my fave books:
-B&N //
-B&N //
-B&N //

Athletic Clothes
I really like wearing athletic clothes (like t-shirt and shorts) around the beach. You can throw them over your bathing suit when riding bikes or going into shops which is nice.
-Calvin Klein //
-Etsy //
-H&M //

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your beach essentials?

Thea ♡

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