Tips for Accessorizing: Stacking Bracelets ♡

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

 Long time no write! It's been a crazy few weeks with Spring Break, midterms and projects, but I am back with another post. Here are some tips for accessorizing with bracelets and stacking them! 

When I pair bracelets together, I pick 3 or 4 main colors to focus on. When picking my bracelets, I try to stick to these colors, so they will match and complement each other. The bracelets usually are other colors too, but I find that as long as most of my bracelets have one of the main colors then they will match. I also try to pick bracelets of the same style, such as the ones above that are cute and fun. I picked bracelets that were more casual with beads. My last tip is to pick bracelets of similar sizes to pair together. I find this tip extremely important, because when one bracelet is bigger than the others, it tends to slide over the smaller ones and get tangled up over them. You don't want to keep messing with them and fixing them the whole day!

Thanks for reading 

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine :)

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