Benefit First-Class Faves Review + Makeup Look

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a review of the Benefit First-Class Faves travel makeup set that my mom gave to me. My mom got it at the airport at one of the Benefit machine kiosks. This set comes with 6 travel sized makeup goodies. It includes a travel-sized POREfessional primer, Roller Lash mascara, Dandelion Dew, Cha Cha Tint, Dandelion Brightening Blush and Total Moisture facial cream.
Here is a picture of me with the new makeup on. I applied the Roller Lash mascara to my eyelashes on my left eye, and no mascara on the right eyelashes. The mascara is super lengthening and it holds a curl really nicely. I used my new Morphe 35T palette for my eyeshadow. I will do a review on this palette later! Here are my thoughts on all the makeup in the Benefit travel set...

P O R E F E S S I O N A L  P R I M E R
I really love this primer! A little goes a long way. I find this this primer does a nice job at blurring away any imperfections and smoothing them over. I don't have huge pores, so I didn't see a huge difference there. I also think this primer makes putting on face makeup a lot easier and makes your foundation look a lot nicer. I think the POREfressional primer is very similar to the BareMinerals primer.

R O L L E R   L A S H  M A S C A R A
I've been using this mascara so much lately, because it's extremely lengthening! It also separates the lashes very nicely. It isn't super volumizing, so I usually pair it with my Maybelline Volum Express Colossal mascara or my Essence Lash Princess mascara. If I want a more natural look, I will just apply the roller lash mascara. This mascara isn't waterproof but it still holds very nicely. It's also super easy to remove since it isn't waterproof.

D A N D E L I O N  D E W
I usually don't wear blush, because I think too much can look really unnatural. However, I really like how this gives a nice pinky glow to the skin. Since it's a creamy product, it looks very natural and it also smells really good. It blends very well and is very subtle. I also think it would look good on any skin color.

C H A  C H A  T I N T
This tint can be worn on cheeks and lips. It's a darker color than the dandelion dew and blush. The tint lasts long as a lip color and acts like a lip stain. The tint applies nicely and looks good, but I prefer to use the lighter dandelion blush and dew, because it looks more natural.

D A N D E L I O N  B L U S H
This blush is the same color as the dandelion dew but it's a powder instead of a cream. I think the dew lasts longer than the blush but the blush is nice is you have really oily skin.

T O T A L  M O I S T U R E   C R E A M
This facial cream smells super good and is very moisturizing! I am definitely going to use it more in the winter when my face gets super dry. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. this set is really a great value! i love it !

    Claire From


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