How to Personalize a Laptop, Water Bottle, etc...

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing with you how I have decorated my laptop and my water bottle. I always scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr and see laptops and water bottles with really cute stickers on them. I decided to decorate my own laptop and water bottle, because they were both very plain and dull. A bunch of my friends bought stickers of their own on a site called Redbubble, so I decided I would look there. 

I went to the trending page, where there were a bunch of popular stickers. I immediately fell in love with a few of them and decided to purchase them. If you want a specific sticker (like one from your city) you can also search for them using the search bar.  I really like that people actually designed these stickers, because you get to support individuals and small businesses. I bought over 6 stickers from their website so I got 50% off my purchase!

My stickers took about a week to arrive and they came in this little package. 

I ended up buying 14 stickers to decorate both my laptop and water bottle. You can also decorate your agenda, binders and other things with these stickers! I got the small size in all of them. They are also waterproof which is really great! I have washed my water bottle in the dishwasher with the stickers on, and none of them came off or got bubbles!

Here are the ones I purchased:
Central Perk -
NYC Skyline -
Kale -
Life is Good -
Explore -
Dogs -
Charlotte -
White flower -
Hydration Station -
Avocado -
Be Happy -
Marble elephant -
Lululemon -
Namast'ay in Bed -

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys finds some great stickers too!

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