Product Review: e.l.f. Cosmetics Blush & Bronzer Duo and Tone Correcting Powder

Monday, December 21, 2015

Recently, I picked up the blush & bronzer duo from Target, because it was on clearance. I have heard many good things about this product, so I was really excited to see it on clearance! I've had the tone correcting powder for about a year now, so I thought I would share my opinions on both of theses e.l.f. products.

Details: "Create a healthy and natural glow all year long with the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder. The blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition. This convenient compact has just what you need to achieve a gorgeous glow anytime, anywhere." -e.l.f. website

How to Use: "Brush on the bronze to the hollow of the cheeks for definition and dust around the face line to create a healthy glow. Use the blush on the apple of the cheeks to create a subtle healthy glow." -e.l.f. website

I bought this blush & bronzer duo for $2.55 at Target. This product normally retails for $3.00. The packaging of this product is most similar to the packaging of NARS cosmetics. I like the matte black design, however it gets dirty very easily and shows oil and fingerprints on it. The bronzer and blush are extremely pigmented, which can be a very good or bad thing. When you dip your brush into the blush or bronzer, a lot of product comes off. When you apply the product to your face, you should use a light hand or else you can get harsh lines and will have to blend it out a lot. The bronzer does a good job of contouring and the blush and bronzer can both be blended easily. Also, this duo includes a mirror which is perfect for on the go. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive blush and bronzer and has tanner skin. The "antigua" shade may be too dark for people with paler skin.

Details: "Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. The lightweight formula evens out skin tone and absorbs excess oil, and sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin. The colors are meant to be blended together as the blue neutralizes orange, the green neutralizes red, the pink neutralizes grey and the yellow brightens and neutralizes red." -e.l.f. website

How to Use: "Blend the powder over the entire face to brighten and even out the skin tone as well as neutralize any redness." -e.l.f. website

I bought this product a year ago for $3.00 at Target. When I first started using this product, I would use the colors individually instead of together. I tried using the green powder as a concealer, which didn't work at all. The powder didn't neutralize anything on my face when I used them individually, but then I learned that I was supposed to mix the colors. Now, I really enjoy this products, because it brightens up my face and sets my foundation. I use my Laura Mercier translucent powder when I want my face to look more matte and less oily and shiny throughout the day. I also like how this tone correcting powder doesn't make my face look cakey over my foundation. I should have bought the warmer version of this palette instead, because my face has warmer undertones instead of cooler ones. I still find that this product works well on my face and I would recommend this to anyone who has cooler undertones and needs a good inexpensive powder to brighten and set their makeup with. 

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