Tips and Tricks to Get Up, Ready and Out the Door Fast for School

Monday, December 07, 2015

My high school starts at 7:10 A.M. and I have to leave for school by 6:35! I am always rushing so that I can make it to school on time. It's hard to wake up in the morning, and when you keep pressing the snooze button, you end up having 10 minutes of time to get ready! Here are my tips and tricks on how to get ready for school fast, so you can get the maximum amount of sleep possible! 

Tip #1: Plan your outfit the night before

The night before a school day, I always do a few little preparations for school the next morning, that way I can sleep in a bit more and won't have to worry about doing those things in the morning. I always pick out my outfit the night before, because if I don't, I end up rampaging my closet while trying on different outfits to wear for 20 minutes and then end up wearing the outfit I tried on originally. I always check the weather on my phone for the next day and plan my outfit accordingly. Then I lay all my clothes and accessories out next to my bed, so that when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what I'm wearing and can change in less than 1 minute.

Tip #2: Make your lunch the night before

The night before a school day, I also make my lunch for school the next day, because usually making my lunch takes about 5-8 minutes. Sometimes when I make my lunch in the mornings, I'm out of the foods that I usually put in it so I have to scrounge around the fridge looking for food. If I make my lunch the night before, I can get all that taken care of, and it won't take time out of my morning. Once I make my lunch, I put it in the fridge so that everything stays preserved. I would also always forget to bring water to school, so now I fill it up at night and place it in the fridge right next to my lunch. In the morning I can just grab my lunch and water and leave for school.

Tip #3: Set multiple alarms

Setting multiple alarms in 5 minute increments will wake you up slower so that you can ease in to waking up. I set my alarms to 5:40, 5:45, 5:50, 5:55 and 6:00 A.M. This insures that I won't sleep through any alarms and that I will actually wake up at my desired time, 6:00. Also, on an iPhone you can write a message to yourself when your alarm goes off. That way, you can encourage yourself to wake up, or write things like "wake up or else your makeup will look terrible".

Tip #4: Check your phone

Once I am on my 2nd or 3rd alarm, I will always pick up my phone from my bedside table and turn off all the alarms. The brightness of my phone screen in contrast to the darkness of my room makes my phone look extra bright. I check some of my texts, email or social media for 2-3 minutes and the brightness of the screen makes my eyes feel less sleepy and more awake. Beware not to spend too much time on your phone though, because you don't want to be wrapped up in your phone and waste all your time!

Tip #5: Splash your face with cold water

Every morning , after I get out of bed, I head over to my bathroom and and after washing my face, I splash it with cold water. This helps me be more awake, so that I will get ready faster and won't still be sleepy and slow while getting ready. 

Tip #6: Drink cold water after waking up

Drinking cold water after waking up will help you feel more energized and awake, and it also kick-starts your metabolism, along with breakfast.

Tip #7: Get in a routine

Get in an everyday makeup routine, where you know the products you are going to use and how to apply them correctly. Every time you do your makeup, you will get a little bit faster, because you will be so used to doing it. The same goes for your morning routine in general. If you always follow the same general morning routine, you will end up getting faster and faster at it, because you will be familiar with it. 

These are all my tips on getting ready fast for school! Please comment below and subscribe to my email list to get emailed when I make a new post :)

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