2015 Holiday Gift Guide For The Different Types Of People In Your Life

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Classy/Sophisticated Gal-
Marbled patterns are extremely elegant and perfect for phone, tablet or laptop cases, as well as notebooks! A pretty notebook or bag with a simple quote or saying is also perfect to give someone as a gift. Also, nail polish and key chains are a small, cute gift that won’t break the bank. Nice accessories watches, necklaces and earrings are perfect for people who you want to splurge more on.

Cute athletic apparel from Lululemon or other nice athletic wear stores would be a great present for you friend who loves running, yoga, etc. Also a cute new yoga mat would be a nice gift. You can find less expensive ones at your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Printed ear buds, a pretty water bottle or headband would also be presents that you could find on the less expensive side. Nike Roshe’s are also very cute to exercise in and come in many different prints.

Boho Chic Friend-
Scent diffusers are a great gift to give someone who is stressed out or their room to be scented, because they’re inexpensive and look really nice. Also, beaded and gemstone accessories are very fashionable and boho. Dresses and shirts that are flowy are also a great gift for your boho chic friend, and you can find a lot of really nice stuff at Free People. Bags with leather and fringe are a bit more expensive, but you can find some for cheaper at local boutiques.  

Technology Lover-
Polaroids come in all different colors and are a cute way to take photos and actually have a hard-copy photo instantly! They are normally sold for around $100 but you can find come for around $60 on Amazon. Phone photo printers are also nice, because you can print out a picture from your phone and have a hard copy instantly on any kind of paper you want. This is great, because you can see what the photo looks like before you print it out. Also, accessories for different types of technology, such as a laptop and phone are relatively inexpensive gifts that you can find in all different types on patterns depending on who the gift is for. 

Makeup Fanatic-
A cute makeup bag with a clever saying on it would be a nice gift for anyone who loves makeup! You can find cheap ones almost anywhere. Also you can find nice makeup brush sets on Amazon for really cheap. If you want to splurge a little on your friend, you can buy a Sephora sampler set that includes a bunch of samples and sometimes full sizes. This way, your friend can try out a bunch of different products and see what works for them. Also a giftcard is a good gift to give someone if you have no idea what kind of makeup they like. The Naked palette is also a universal palette with eyeshadows that look good on anyone! There are also small little products at Sephora that are in holiday packaging. 

(From left to right): Travel makeup brush set ($86), Cosmetic traveling case ($450), Passport cover ($40), Suitcase ($138), Head pillow ($11), Travel cup ($18), Starbucks giftcard, Leather tote bag ($1,276), Magazine
A traveling makeup brush set is useful, so that they can store your brushes in one place that will fit in their suitcase easily. Also a nice, durable cosmetic traveling case would be perfect for fitting all their beauty essentials for their trip in. You could also give them a magazine subscription, so during their flight they can catch up on their reading. A more expensive gift would be a good suitcase or carry on tote. A Starbucks giftcard or a travel cup would be a nice gift, because they can pick up a coffee before getting on the plane. 

Generic Gifts-
For the people you aren't as close with or don't know as well but still feel obligated to give a gift to, you can never go wrong with a giftcard!

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Disclaimer: All collages that are shown were made by me on Polyvore. 

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