What to Bring In Your Carry-On Bag

Friday, December 25, 2015

I just flew to London a few days ago and these were some of my essentials that I brought in my carry-on bag.

Tote bag- I like to bring tote bags for my carry-on bag that will fit under the plane seat in front of me so that I can reach into it without having to keep getting up and opening the overhead compartments. I nice durable tote bag is good for holding all of your essentials. You can find cute, inexpensive tote bags almost anywhere.

Gum- I always like to keep gum in my carry-on bag because chewing on gum while changing altitudes will help your jaws and ears so that they don't hurt or pop. Also, if you have an overnight flight, it is good to have gum to freshen up your breath I'm the morning. 

Headphones- I personally prefer headphones over ear buds, mainly because ear buds are uncomfortable to me and never fit right. Headphones are perfect because they just fit over your ear. Nice headphones will fit over your ears and will fit nice and comfy. Headphones are definitely a necessity if you are flying, because you can listen to music or watch a movie while you are in the air. 

Magazines- I also like to catch up on my magazines when I'm flying. Some of my favorite magazines are Seventeen, Teen Vogue, InStyle, and People. 

Travel tumbler- You can bring an empty travel tumbler to the airport and fill it up with water or coffee once you cross the security check point. Make sure not to bring any liquids in it through security!

Books- Reading is a great way to pass the time while you are flying. There are so many great books out there. My favorite types of books are historical fiction, teen / young adult fiction and books about dystopian societies. 

Phone- You can't forget about your phone of course! I have an iPhone 6. Make sure to make some great playlists that you can listen to on the plane.

Laptop- Bring a laptop or a tablet if you need to catch up on school work or any other type of work. You can also download games or books on a tablet.

Sweatshirt- I always like to bring a sweatshirt or jacket in my carry-on, because planes are usually cold.

Neck pillow- If you want to catch up on some sleep, I suggest bringing a neck pillow, that way you'll be able to lean your head on something and sleep. You can always find neck pillows in the airport book stores.

Makeup bag- It is a good idea to bring your makeup bag, so that when the plane lands, you can go to the bathroom and touch up if you are going to do any activities right after you leave the airport. Forever 21 has makeup bags with really cute sayings for very cheap.

Wallet- Obviously you need to bring your wallet of you need to buy anything.

Sleep mask- Bring a sleep mask if you want to sleep on the flight. You can usually find these in airport book stores, as well. 

Agenda- You can plan out the rest of your week and look at what your schedule is like for the week. I use this exact agenda to plan out all my school activities and work, as well as other activities. It keeps me very organized.

Mobile charger- Bring a mobile charger for your electronics so you can charge on the go.

 Notebook- You can write down any thoughts or ideas you have in a notebook.

Brush and hair ties- You can go to the bathroom and brush your hair or put it up in a ponytail at the airport.

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Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I made this photo using the Polyvore app. 

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