Tips on How To Organize Your Suitcase and Make Traveling Easier

Monday, December 21, 2015

I am actually flying to London tomorrow over Winter break, which is really exciting! My family and I will be in London for about a week, and we will be visiting a lot of tourist attractions, as well as just relaxing. Here are my tips for organizing your suitcase and make traveling easier.

Tip 1: Pick the right suitcase

I'm bringing a suitcase similar to the one shown in the top picture for my trip to London. I'm going to check my  suitcase on the plane, which means it will be stored on the bottom of the plane where they keep bigger luggage. A suitcase similar to the one on the bottom picture would be good if you're only going somewhere for a few days, and it would be able to fit on the plane in the overhead compartments. If you are going to bring a suitcase with you on the plane, I strongly recommend to bring one with 4 double wheels (or 8 wheels), because that means the suitcase will roll side to side, as well as forwards and backwards. Then, if you need to walk through narrow spaces, such as an airplane aisle, you can turn your suitcase (handle is perpendicular to your body) so that the thinner side can move easily through, without getting caught on a chair.

Tip 2: Put a luggage tag on your suitcase

Put a luggage tag on your suitcase with your name, phone number, and address so that if you ever lose your suitcase, people can easily contact you. Also, luggage tags help you identify your bag at baggage claim, if you have a similar bag as someone else. If your suitcase is plain, put a piece of ribbon or something else that sticks out from other people's suitcases so you can find your bag at baggage claim. 

Tip 3: Make a packing list

If you write down everything you are going to pack, then you can easily check to see if you forgot to pack something. It will keep you more organized, and can help you limit the amount of items you bring, so you don't pack too much.

Tip 4: Roll your clothing

Rolling your clothing allows you to have more space in your suitcase for other things that you can't compress, such as shoes and cosmetics.

Tip 5: Organize your clothes

Make different areas for your clothes. Have an area for pajamas and underwear, casual clothes, and dressy clothes. This will help you keep your suitcase organized, so you know where to look when picking out your outfit on your trip. 

Tip 6: Separate Toiletries and Cosmetics

Put your toiletries and cosmetics in different bags, so if one of your toiletries leaks, it won't get all over your makeup.

Tip 7: Eliminate Makeup from Cracking or Leaking

Put a cotton pad in your powder compact, which will stop the powder from cracking. To eliminate leaking from liquids, take off the cap, put a piece of plastic wrap over the opening, and then screw the cap back on.

Tip 8: Use Pockets

Store things that you use frequently in the outside pockets of your suitcase, so they are easily accessible if you need to get something quickly.

Tip 9: Bring ziploc bags

If you are bringing your suitcase with you on the plane, then bring extra ziploc bags, just in case all your toiletries don't fit in one or if you forget to put your toiletries inside of one. These will come in handy at the security gate!

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