5 Outfit, Hair and Makeup Looks & Essentials for a Valentine's Day Date

Monday, February 01, 2016

A bunch of people really liked my Valentine's Day series, so I decided to continue it! Here are 5 different looks that are perfect for date nights, but you can always just wear these looks out with your friends! I hope you enjoy :)

Look 1: Casual Movie Night

This is a nice, comfy and casual outfit to wear if you're going to have a move/pizza night at someones house. This look is super easy and makes you look a little more put together than just leggings and a t-shirt. You can keep your hair simple with a messy bun or a messy side braid. You can also keep your makeup look simple by using neutral colors, like these ones from the Urban Decay Naked basics palette and a BB cream, which won't make you feel like you have a bunch of face makeup weighing you down. You can put on a swipe of pink lip gloss and a spritz of this clean smelling perfume, and you're all set!

Look 2: Fancy Dinner

This is definitely my favorite outfit, because the dress is super pretty and flowy. You can add a white cardigan over the dress if it's colder where you live. It's pretty warm where I live right now- it got to 70 degrees today! For your hair, you should curl it in loose, bouncy waves, and then spray in some texturizing spray. (click on tutorial). You can make your makeup look a little bolder since the outfit is simple, by adding a gel liner, a volumizing mascara and a darker eyeshadow to define your eyes. Keep the lips simple by adding a nude pink color to them, and then apply a heavier foundation to your face, since this is a fancier outfit, and you might want a little more coverage.

Look 3: Picnic and Stroll

This is a perfect outfit for a picnic and a nice stroll in the park. This look is very girl and incorporates a lot of baby pinks and golds. I would wear your hair in a half-up, half-down, and then curl the pieces that are down. You can make your eyes stand out more by adding on gold eyeshadows and adding a wing to your eyeliner. 

Look 4: Formal Dance

This look is for a formal dance, and is very glamorous. You can straighten your hair or really do any hairstyle you want with this dress. Instead of putting on false lashes, you can try the Too Faced mascara kit that claims to make your mascara look like you have fake eyelashes on. This is good if you are dancing a lot, because you don't want to worry about your false lashes sliding off or getting messed up. You can also bring some powder and bobby pins in your clutch to the dance. I think a smokey eye would look good with this outfit and would glam up the look. You should also apply a long-wearing foundation, because you will be out for a long time, and you don't want your foundation to move around or your face to look oily. 

Look 5: Movie Date/ Night Out on the Town

This is a good outfit is you are going out to the theater or if you are having a night out on the town. It's casual, but you can also dress it up with your makeup. Any hairstyle would look good with this outfit. You can add a dark lipstick and some darker eyeshadows to make your makeup stand out. Also, adding a contouring bronzer to your face can add shape to your face. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you make some great Valentine's Day plans with either your friends or a special date!

Disclaimer: All thoughts, ideas and opinions are mine.

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