How and Where to Shop for Inexpensive Shoes

Friday, February 12, 2016

Here is a list of some of my favorite online and in-store shoe stores, as well as how to shop for shoes, so you can get the best deals!

Inexpensive Stores

-DSW (
-Nordstrom Rack (
-GoJane (
-LuLus (
-T.J. Maxx (
-Forever21 (
-6pm (
-Poshmark (
-Mercari (
-H&M (

Tips for Shoe Shopping

-If you know you want to buy shoes from a website, you can sign up for their emails, and that will usually either give you a discount code or free shipping.

-Use your phone as a calculator, and calculate all the discounts of your shoes and the total cost of them, while you are shopping.

-Look at the back of stores, where the clearance or sale section is.

-Refine the price filter on your shoe searches on websites, so your only looking at shoes that are in your budget.

-If you are in-store, make sure to try the shoes on, because no matter how inexpensive they are, if they don't fit, then you're really not saving any money.

-If you are online, make sure to read the reviews of the shoes you are buying to make sure you are ordering the right size and to see how the quality of the shoes are.

-Don't buy something just because it is inexpensive; Make sure you will actually wear the shoes.

-If you like a pair of really inexpensive shoes, then try looking for them on a website that sells new and old clothes and shoes, such as Poshmark or Mercari. You can usually find the shoes cheaper and in very good condition or even new! I have bought things off of this website before, and you can money off your purchase with my referral code! You can get $10 at Poshmark using the code BUWHM, and $2 at Mercari using the code QRNMHB!

-If you buy shoes during their off-season (ex: sandals in Winter) then you can usually find them on sale.

Thanks for reading! Click here to read my inexpensive shoe haul to see how I saved over $100! I hope this helped you!

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinion and ideas are mine

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