Inexpensive/Free Valentine's Day Gifts to Give

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Did you just spend all your money but want to give your loved one a great Valentine's Day present? Or do you just not want to break the bank buying an extravagant gift for someone? Sometimes the best gifts you can give are free! Here are some easy, inexpensive and free Valentine's Day gifts to give to your loved ones! I hope you find these ideas useful!

Breakfast in Bed

On Valentine's Day, you can wake up early, and surprise your parents or roommates or anyone else that lives with you with a nice breakfast in bed. Everything you need for this will probably be in your kitchen. It's a very thoughtful and easy thing to do for a loved one! You can get a tray and put a glass of orange juice, hot chocolate or coffee on it, along with other food. You can make your loved one's favorite breakfast food or go out to the store and buy it beforehand if you're not good at cooking. To make the tray look pretty, you can also add berries to the plate, and put flowers in a glass. 

Coupon Book

Coupon books are creative and thoughtful gifts to give someone. You can use pretty scrapbook paper and make the coupons yourself, or you can search on Google or Pinterest for coupon templates. Some ideas for coupons to make are for- making breakfast, lunch or dinner, a movie date, washing the dishes, washing the car, feeding the pets, cleaning the house, walking the dog, a hug, etc. You can include chores or fun activities in your coupon book.


Another gift idea is to print out a nice picture on photo paper of you and the person you're giving the gift to. You can buy an inexpensive picture frame at Michael's or Marshalls. Michael's always has a 40% or 50% off coupon every week in their weekly ad.

Photo Album

You can also buy a photo album from a craft store like Michael's and decorate the front of it to make it look cuter. You can also print out a bunch of photos from your phone or computer at Target, CVS or Walgreens. This gift won't take long to make, and it shows that you put a lot of though into it.

Make Treats

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you can make sweet treats for your friends! You can make chocolate covered pretzels, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, or any other types of treats. You can buy the mix to make some of these things or you can make them from scratch. Chocolate covered pretzels are pretty easy to make. All you need to do is melt chocolate, and quickly dip the pretzels into the chocolate. Then put them on some wax paper and pour sprinkles or other toppings on them. You can do this for chocolate covered strawberries or any other type of food you want to cover in chocolate.

Playing Cards

A really thoughtful gift idea is to get a stack of playing cards and put pictures on the side with the suit. Print out pictures on your printer or get them printed at a drugstore. You can stick the pictures on one suit or on all of the cards. The pictures can be of anything you want, and when the person you give the cards to plays with them, it will remind them of you.

Picnic/Day Out

A fun idea for Valentine's Day is to take someone on a picnic or a day out. You can pack your favorite foods and go to a park near you. This is a great way to spend quality time with your friend or loved one!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are mine. This blog doesn't take any credit for the pictures used on this post. 

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