4 Outfit, Hair and Makeup Looks for Valentine's Day

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello everyone!  I have put together 4 Valentine's Day inspired looks for you all! They incorporate a lot of pinks and reds. You can dress these outfits up or down and add sweaters or cardigans to them depending on the weather where you live. Usually in February where I live, Spring weather has started, and it's nice outside. Flowers are usually blooming, and the sun is shining. You can wear these looks on Valentine's Day for a night out with your friends or if you have a special date! 

Look 1

Items: Peplum top ($21); jeans ($36); earrings ($79); clutch ($34); phone case ($40);  wedges ($38); lipstick ($21); nail polish ($15); mascara ($11); eyeshadow palette ($23); eyeliner ($21)

This outfit is very girly and sophisticated. You can wear a sweater over this top if it's cold where you live. This would be the perfect outfit to wear for lunch or dinner. Adding a winged eyeliner with bright pink lipstick would look perfect with this outfit! The Kendra Scott earrings also bring a bright pop of color to this look. For hair, you should curl your hair for big bouncy waves, or you can go for a sleeker look and straighten your hair. 

Look 2

Items: Earrings ($60); top ($12); skirt ($17); phone case ($30); bag ($111); boots ($54); eyeliner ($25); lipstick ($23); nail polish ($20); eyeshadow palette ($45); mascara ($12)

This look is for a fancy dinner or night out on Valentine's Day. A gel eyeliner will add more drama to your look and will make your eyes pop. The silver cross-body bag matches the silver nail polish and will give a nice contrast to the dark colored outfit. This eyeshadow palette also has beautiful eyeshadow that will look perfect with this outfit.  The mascara will also add length and volume to your eyelashes. For hair, I suggest curling most of the pieces of your hair and then tying it up in a messy bun. You can also take out some of the pieces of hair on the sides of your face in order to frame and soften your face. 

Look 3

Items: Dress ($36); boots ($104); boot socks ($17); earrings ($22); purse ($110); phone case ($40); eyeliner ($7.99); lipstick ($24); mascara ($12); nail polish ($8.50); eyeshadow palette ($32)

This outfit is a little more casual and can be made warmer by adding a cardigan and a scarf. The boot socks look really nice with the boots, because the lace fringe pops out at the top of the boot. The bag is very simple and versatile since it's a beige color. The lip color and the eyeshadow palette are very natural and pretty looking. This Pur Minerals palette has very similar colors to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The mascara will add a lot of length to your eyelashes. For hair, you should curl it, and put it in a side pony tail, or put it in a side braid or fishtail. 

Look 4

Items: Dress ($91); shoes ($50); earrings ($22); necklace ($100); phone case ($35); purse ($58); eyeliner ($22); lipstick ($21); nail polish ($27); mascara ($24); eyeshadow palette ($49)

This look is fancy and would be great for a nice party or dinner. The gold accessories dress this look up, and the necklace adds a statement. The shoes are really cute, because they lace up, and the circular bag is different and nice. This eyeshadow palette will add darker colors to your eye look, which will add definition to your eyes. You can do a bunch of different things with your hair, such as put it in a loose bun, curl it, straighten it or do a half-up bun, half-down hairstyle. 

I hope you guys enjoy these looks, and that they give you inspiration for your Valentine's Day look. You definitely don't have to have a date to go out on Valentine's Day. Go out with a bunch of your friends, and have a girls night out if you don't have a date! 

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Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions and photos are my own :)

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  1. Hey! Am in love with look two. Its ourstanding for valentines day. Although sometimes i think i shouldnt wear heely shoes coz i am tall. But i still do. Nice blog... i started my blog recently, you can also check it out. www.teenahslounge.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! I'm short so I don't have that problem. I just followed you back on Google plus! What other social media do you have?

  2. twitter:mss_teenah
    Instagram: Teenahs_lounge

  3. loved the post


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