Travel Journal: London Day 3

Saturday, January 02, 2016

December 25, 2015

Many things were closed on Christmas, so we mostly walked around London and hung out in the hotel.

My parents made this string banner at the Charles Dickens Museum yesterday. We strung it up in our hotel around the lights, and hung out Christmas stockings by it. We woke up late this morning and opened out stockings. Since we woke up so late, we skipped breakfast and had lunch instead. The only place that was open for lunch was Pret a Manger, which was crowded with tourists, since it was the only food place open.

We walked around London after lunch. We walked past Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster and the Jewel Tower. Then we walked over a bridge across the Thames river, to the other bank. We just looked around at things, and then walked back across the bridge that is right next to the Palace of Westminster. A lot of tourists were walking along this bridge and taking pictures.

When we got back from our walk around town, we dressed up for tea. We made reservations at the Kensington Close Hotel for high tea. My dress is from J. Crew, my sweater is from Nic+Zoe, and my shoes are from Kelly&Katie. 

We took a taxi to the Kensington Close Hotel. When we got there, we realized that we were the only ones having high tea, and that they had it set up near the bar. I think British people usually have their tea earlier. Everyone else around us was having bar food and hanging out. I'm usually not a tea drinker, but I decided to get earl grey tea. I had two big cups, which is probably the reason that I kept waking up that night and couldn't fall asleep! We also had a 3 tier serving tray with a wide variety of finger sandwiches, cookies and mince pies. Once we were done, we were going to walk around the area, but it was starting to drizzle, and we didn't want to walk around with our fancy clothes on.

We took a cab back to our hotel, and came in through a different entrance than the main one. This entrance brought us to the courtyard, where there was a work of art that was all lit up for the holidays. It was very pretty! We watched Bridget Jones' Diary, which is a British-American romantic comedy. I had already seen the movie a few times, but I still enjoy it and find it hilarious! 

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas or whatever else you may celebrate! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine!

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