Travel Journal: London Days 6 & 7

Sunday, January 03, 2016

December 28, 2015

My sweater is from American Eagle, my plaid scarf is from Gap, my jeans are from Joe's Jeans, and my boots are from G.H. Bass. We woke up early to look inside Westminster Abbey. My mom stayed behind and slept more. There was a really long line to get into Westminster Abbey, so we ate breakfast first. We ate breakfast at another Fuller's restaurant. I had a bacon sandwich and orange juice. 

Here's a picture I took of Westminster Abbey. You can see the London Eye in the background. 

This was the map that we got while we were waiting to get tickets to get inside Westminster Abbey. 

These pictures are of the front of Westminster Abbey. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside. We got audio guides so that we would understand what we were looking at and better understand the history. We saw where Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VII and his wife, Anne of Cleves and many other members of the royal family and famous historical figures were buried. 

We were allowed to take pictures in the Chapter House. 
Meetings were held here for the House of Commons.

This is a picture of Britain's oldest door! It was most likely built in the 1050's for St. Edward the Confessor.

These are pictures of the inner courtyard. After we walked around the courtyard, we walked back to the hotel to meet up with my mom.

We took a cab to the V&A, or the Victorian Albert Museum. The V&A is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design. We ate a quick lunch at the museum cafe before looking around. We looked at the Buddha exhibit, the fashion exhibit, the medieval Europe exhibit, photography exhibit and more. Once we were done looking around the V&A, we took a taxi back to the hotel. My mom and I walked around Buckingham Palace and went into the shops near the palace while the rest of the family rested.

After, we got dressed for the theater. My dress is from Virtue (a boutique I shopped at when I was in Asheville) and my boots are from G.H. Bass. We ate dinner before we left for the theater at the hotel restaurant Bistro 51. I had spaghetti bolognese. We ate quickly because we didn't want to be late for our play. We ended up having to pay and leave before our dessert was ready. We also had to wait a few minutes for a cab, because the cab stand was empty. 

We had tickets at the Garrick Theatre for the two plays All on Her Own and Harlequinade. Zoe Wanamaker was in both plays and Kenneth Branagh was in Harlequinade. 

The Garrick Theatre is an old fashioned theater in London, and it was full with people once the play began.

All on Her Own was about a widow who is talking to herself, because she fears that she drove her dead husband to killing himself. Harlequinade is a very comedic play about a theatre company performing the play Romeo and Juliet. The plays were both very good, and it was an exciting experience to see a play in this beautiful London theater. The play was an hour and a half, and I definitely wished it was longer. We went back to the hotel and packed our suitcases, because we left London the next day very early in the morning.

December 29, 2015

We left London today. Our flight was early so we left the hotel at 6 a.m.  

My outfit was a flannel from American Eagle, jeans from Macy's and I wore my ankle boots from Forever 21. It was raining a lot when we took the taxi to the London Heathrow airport. In London, they don't show their gate number of your flight until about a half hour before boarding as a safety precaution. We ate breakfast at one of the restaurants in the airport. In the airport there was also a Yo! Sushi restaurant. My mom and I spent the rest of our pounds at the airport. They had a huge duty free store. I bought a skirt at Zara. Then we went to our gate and boarded the plane. The flight was about 8 1/2 hours, which was 2 hours more than our flight to London. I watched a lot of movies and TV shows. It's been pretty hot where I live, so it was a huge change from being in chilly London. Overall, this was one of my favorite trips and I hope I can go back some day!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine!

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  1. According to you blogpost you had a great time in England! Are you going to another country in the future? I look forward to hearing back from you :)

    1. I definitely did! I am not sure where or when I will be taking another international trip. Usually we go out of the country once a year or two.

    2. Oh okay! Which countries have you already been to? I have added you on Google+. I would love it if you would return the favor :)

    3. Of course! I'll add you right now. I have been to Bermuda and Puerto Rico, which are both technically part of the US, Mexico, China, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom!

    4. Thank you! Wow that's so cool!

    5. Thank you! Wow that's so cool!

    6. Do you have any social media that we can follow each other on?

    7. Hi there!
      Yes I have, the follow buttons are on my account but I'll put them here also!
      Instagram: laxmii
      Pinterest: xlaxmi

      I assume your social media links are on here? I am going to follow you on the social media we have in common!


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